Resources A-Z

Resources A-Z

Resources published by the Sex Education Forum include factsheets that are free to download and books and practical toolkits avaialble to purchase from the NCB web-shop. All are listed below in A-Z order.

Our free check-list for schools will help you find resources organised under 8 thematic headings. See also our free guide to choosing and using resources in SRE.

Addressing healthy relationships and sexual exploitation within PSHE in schools [PDF 1MB] (Factsheet 37, 2006)

Are you getting it right? A toolkit for consulting young people on sex and relationships education (2008) [PDF 274KB]

Are you getting it right? A toolkit for consulting young people in Wales on sex and relationships education (2010) English language version [PDF 819KB]

Are you getting it right? A toolkit for consulting young people in Wales on sex and relationships education (2010) Welsh language version [PDF 609KB]

Assessment, Evaluation and Sex and Relationships Education: a practical toolkit for education, health and community settings Second Edition (2012) Simon Blake & Stella Muttock, revised by Sam Beal and Lisa Handy

Boys and young men: developing effective sex and relationships education in schools [PDF 101KB]
(Factsheet 35, 2006, updating Factsheet 11)

Confidentiality: promoting young people's sexual health and well-being in secondary schools [PDF 459KB] (Factsheet 38, 2007)

External visitors and sex and relationships education (2010) [PDF 293KB]

Effective learning methods: approaches to teaching about sex and relationships within PSHE and Citizenship [PDF 790KB] (Factsheet 34, 2005)

Exploring the links between sex, alcohol and other drugs in young people's lives: a briefing for practioners [PDF 83KB]

Faith, values and sex and relationships education [PDF 196KB]
(Factsheet 29, updated 2004)

Faith, Values and Sex & Relationships Education (2002)
Simon Blake and Zarine Katrak [Book]

Involving young people in teenage pregnancy and sexual work: a practical guide (2006) Ellie Lewis

Laying the foundations: A practical guide to sex and relationships education in Primary Schools second edition. (2013) Anna Martinez, Vanessa Cooper and Jane Lees

Let's Get it Right; A toolkit for involving primary school children in reviewing their sex and relationship education.  (2013) Lucy Emmerson and Jane Lees

Let's work together: A practical guide for schools to involve parents and carers in sex and relationship education (2013) Lucy Emmerson 

Meeting the needs of girls and young women in sex and relationships education [PDF 229KB]
(Factsheet 21, 2000)

Meeting the SRE and sexual health needs of young people attending Apprenticeship and Foundation Learning Programmes (2010) [PDF 1.1MB] [We are aware of a problem with this file, affecting users of Internet Explorer. If you have difficulties, either update your version of Adobe PDF Reader or open the document using another browser, such as Firefox.]

Sex, alcohol and other drugs: Exploring the links in young people's lives (2004) Jeanie Lynch and Simon Blake

Sex, alcohol and other drugs: exploring the links - a policy briefing [PDF 200KB]

Sex and relationships education: a guide for independent schools and those working with them (2003) Simon Forrest and Simon Blake with Caroline Ray

Sex and relationship education for children and young people with learning difficulties [PDF 100KB]
(Factsheet 32, 2004)

Sex and relationships education for primary age children [PDF 80KB]
(Factsheet 28, 2002)

Sex and relationships education in pupil referral units: a practical guide (2004) Simon Blake and others

Sex and relationships education: still not getting any? (2010) [PDF 1.1MB]

Sex and Relationships Education: support for school governors [PDF 96KB] (Spotlight/SEF factsheet, 2003)

Sexual Offences Act 2003 [PDF 78 KB]

Sexual orientation, sexual identities and homophobia in schools [PDF 953KB] (Factsheet 33, 2005)

Sexuality & SRE - The End of Section 28 [PDF 86KB]
Briefing clarifying the law and guidance relating to SRE in the light of the repeal of Section 28

Talk to your children about sex and relationships: support for parents[PDF 58KB] (Factsheet 31, 2003)

Teaching and learning about HIV: a resource for Key Stages 1 to 4 (2003) Simon Blake and Paula Power

Understanding sex and relationships education (2010) [PDF 896 KB]

We want more! what young people want from sex and relationships education. Download the Young People's Charter [PDF 656KB]

Whole school approach to PSHE and Citizenship (2006) [PDF 718KB]