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Hooray! Statutory RSE in all secondary schools & Relationships Education in primary schools


There is alot to celebrate for those of us who have campaigned for many years for statutory Sex and Relationships Education. New legislation means all schools will have to be delivering the new curriculum by September 2019.

In a speech in the House of Commons on 7th March 2017 Minister Edward Timpson MP said that while there will be flexibility about how it is taught, there will not be flexibility about whether it's taught. So congratulations to all SEF's friends and colleagues and well done to the Select Committees who listened to evidence and put pressure on the Government to act.


What does the new legislation mean? Sex Education Forum answers your FAQs 

What does the new legislation say?

What does the new subject of 'relationships education' mean for primary schools?

Will parents retain the right to withdraw their child?

What are the implications for faith schools?

What is going to happen next?

What is the timeframe for these changes?

What is Sex Education Forum's role in this process?

What are the implications for SRE in schools in the meantime?


Please email us if you have further questions or information to add to this list.








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