Leadership and management of SRE

Resources for RSE leadership 

We have developed a briefing which explains how local councillors can take a role in promoting good quality sex and relationships education.

The briefing has been developed in partnership with RSE Hub and is endorsed by LGA (Local Government Association). It is published to coincide with the transfer of responsibility for public health to local government.

Relationships and sex education; briefing for councillors (April 2013)

Relationships and sex education; a briefing for councillors pic


Other useful resources


Sex and relationships education: government guidance (2000)
Legally, all state-funded schools must pay due regard to this government guidance on SRE. Gov.uk web-site.  

Tackling teenage pregnancy: local government's new public health role (April 2013)
This briefing for councillors and officers explains the challenges facing councils and the  opportunities they have to tackle teenage pregnancy and reduce health inequalities in local communities. Available to download from the LGA web-site.

School Health Service; briefing for local council members (April 2013)
The LGA and the Department of Health have produced a briefing for lead members on the School Health Service. The briefing explains what the school nursing service is and how school nurses can work with local authorities to deliver effective public health programmes. Available to download from Gov.uk web-site.

Developing strong relationships and supporting positive sexual health (March 2014)
The Department of Health has produced a set of new guidance on school nursing including this pathway for sexual health which includes a set of 11 tips from the Sex Education Forum explaining how school nurses can effectively support SRE. Gov.uk web-site.


To understand more about good quality SRE have a look at our free check-list for schools, which includes links to useful resources for Headteachers, governors, teachers and parents.