Our specialist resources to help you plan & deliver SRE


The resources listed below are free to access for non-members. A separate members web portal provides access to back issues of our e-magazine, sample schemes of work and a range of other resources to support your SRE work. 

For events, training and other SRE services see the map and diary in the Training area of this website. 


Commited to RSE - schools poster 
This set of 12 principles explains what is meant by good quality RSE. Download the schools poster so that you can display your commitment to good quality SRE (published November 2017). 

SRE Advice for schools
Access our SRE policy guidance for schools (September 2014) and supplementary advice for schools on SRE (February 2014, produced with Brook and the PSHE Association). 

Curriculum design
Helps you consider what to include in SRE and how to structure your programme. You will find a set of questions to help you understand what children and young people want to learn about in SRE at different ages.  

Sex Educational Supplement - e-magazine
Our termly e-magazine for teachers and other professionals involved in sex and relationships education. The first edition 'The Pornography Issue' includes lesson ideas, practical advice and the views of young people.

Finding, choosing and using resources for SRE
Downloadable lists of resources to use for teaching SRE. Separate lists available for special needs and disability, primary school, secondary school, further education (16 years old +) and parents and carers.

Resources A-Z
A complete list of SRE resources produced by the Sex Education Forum organised A-Z.

Leadership and management of SRE
Resources to help local government take an active role in supporting good quality SRE provision including a briefing for local councillors published to coincide with the transfer of responsibility for public health to local government in April 2013.

Sexual health services in education settings
To support the development of sexual health services based in education settings you can find national mapping surveys and publications focused on secondary and further education settings.

Tips on talking to your child about sex and relationships and links to relevant resources. 

Young people
A list of organisations that provide information and advice on sex and relationships to young people. 

Resources archive
The archive contains Forum publications from 1996 to 2002 which are in one way or another outdated, but may still be of interest to researchers.