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Are you looking for training or an external contributor for your SRE programme?

Many of our core members provide expert services to support schools with sex and relationships education (SRE) including training for teachers and other educators, consultancy and direct classroom teaching. Search using the regions of the map below and also by browsing the country-wide page. 

Individuals and organisations that are core members of the Sex Education Forum qualify by being in agreement with our ten values and principles for good quality SRE. We are unable to constantly monitor the practice of our members so this listing is a limited endorsement for their services. Further advice about choosing visitors is provided below.


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Working with external visitors in SRE

We encourage schools to chose external visitors with care. Visitors should add something to SRE that will enhance learning, something different from that which a competent teacher can offer. Schools should be in control of their SRE curriculum design and delivery; and can then identify suitable points at which input from an external visitor can enhance provision, such as:

  • learning about local and school-based advisory services first-hand from service staff- this can be help build trust in using a service
  • accessing expert and specialised knowledge on a topic of interest to the group, for example from a health professional- this is particularly helpful with older students
  • experiencing a different style or medium, such as creative arts.

External visitors may also be able to support schools and other settings to develop their SRE programme through teacher training and consultancy. 

Understanding roles

When working with schools, it is important that there is a clear understanding of roles that supports effective partnerships. Some of the distinctive features of the role of schools, external visitors and local authorities are summarised below:

Role of the school:

  • being responsible for education, safety, and welfare of pupils
  • managing the classroom
  • supporting the external visitor through prepratory and follow-up lessons
  • briefing the external visitor on student ability, previous learning and special educational needs

Role of the external visitor:

  • respecting the ethos and policies of the school
  • providing expert support to enrich or infrom the curriculum
  • introducing new media, methods and approaches that have been shown to be effective

For more information on the roles of schools and external visitors see our factsheet 'External Visitors and Sex and Relationships Education'.

Do you agree with our values and principles? Our members agree that this is the basis for qood quality SRE. Why not join us and become part of a community of SRE professionals.