Pornography, 'sexting' and relationships online

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Young people want issues to do with pornography to be addressed within SRE. But providing opportunities for frank, open discussion about sexually explicit material, can be a challenge.  This course focuses on resources and techniques for developing a critical awareness of pornography and exploring issues of power, peer pressure and choice in the classroom.  There will be opportunities to explore young peoples experiences of online relationships and trial resources for developing an understanding of positive, healthy relationships in the real - and virtual - worlds. 

Participants will:

  • Understand the legal framework for producing, viewing and sharing pornography and how to protect young people from harm
  • Be updated on latest research and statistics about the use and effects of pornography and sexting
  • Learn how to encourage a critical perspective and to view pornography in its cultural, historical and economic context
  • Explore a range of resources for use in the classroom which challenge commonly held perceptions about bodies and sex
  • Develop confidence to facilitate discussions about pornography and respond to pupils’ questions

 What participants say: