National Curriculum consultation closing 8 August

Make your views known about Sex Ed in Science

The public consultation on the final draft National Curriculum proposals closes 8 August at 5pm.
The Sex Education Forum has published a response to the proposals re-stating our belief that ALL children and young people are entitled to a comprehensive and developmental sex education through science. The current proposals fail to do this and ignore recommendations made repeatedly by experts from health, education and children's organisations.
This is a public consultation so as an individual or organisation you can submit your own response to the Department for Education. If you want to use the text of the Sex Education Forum's response in your own please do so.
  • The retrogressive note stating 'they should not be expected to understand how reproduction occurs' should be removed;
  • The note stating that the menstrual cycle should be taught 'without details of hormones' should be removed; 
  • It should be clear that children can be taught to name external genitalia at Key stage 1;
  • It should be clear that examples of humans be used (as well as animals) to explain conception and birth at Key stage 2;
  • At KS3 the original content on sexual health and disease, contraception, and adolescence should be retained.
This time our response does not re-state the case for these changes which we have made in  response to previous drafts  and in our most recent statement responding to the final draft.  
You can submit your response on-line to DfE via their web-site.
You may also be interested to read a blog that I have published today asking 'What is the problem with teaching children the correct names for genitalia?'
The National Curriculum Review is a chance to get Sex Ed in Science right.... let's do all we can to be heard and counted.