Don't take Sex Ed back to 1950s

Don't take Sex Ed back to the 1950s!

Email your MP now!

The Government's proposed science curriculum threatens to water down existing sex education, not strengthen it. This is the only compulsory sex education in primary school. Vital information about the body and sexual health has been left out. As a result, teachers and parents might think that body parts, puberty and sexual health should not be discussed in the classroom. This all threatens to turn the classroom clock back to a time when sex was not discussed. It's not fit for the 21st century.

Please email your MP asking them to help stop these changes and support inclusion of the essentials of sex education in the science curriculum. It is really simple to do as you can use the template letter provided.

Please also post this link on facebook and tweet about the campaign using the hashtag #SexEdinScience 

National Curriculum Review

The government is holding a public consultation on the National Curriculum proposals. To find out how the proposals affect sex education please read the full Sex Education Forum response to the proposals and our media statement. The deadline to submit your own response to the Review is 16 April 2013.

The public consultation on the National Curriculum closes on Tuesday 16 April and then Ministers will begin to consider the results - so please make your views known to your MP by 25 April to make sure your voice is heard…